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Partial Dentures & Full Dentures On Danforth


Do you have multiple missing teeth?  Are your teeth damaged beyond repair?  Ask your dentist about dentures. Dentures are a dental appliance that can be removed.   Dentures offer a replacement for your natural teeth that allow you to chew properly and restore your smile.

What Types of Dentures are there?

Many types of dentures are available once your gums have healed depending on the level of tooth loss you have suffered.   Upon extraction, immediate dentures may be recommended until the gums heal. The dentist will recommend the best course of treatment including overdenture or partial denture to replace missing teeth.

Denture Maintenance

After you have received your dentures the dentist will show you how to care and maintain them properly.  You may be required to wear them continuously for the first few weeks ensuring that your gums adapt.  

Why hide your smile?  Schedule an appointment at our dental clinic on the Danforth and begin your denture therapy straight away.

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